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Monthly Property Tax Payments

Evergreen Note Servicing is proud to offer a convenient way to pay your property taxes.  Evergreen Note Servicing can help you save for your annual property tax bill by collecting monthly installments for a minimal fee.


Evergreen calculates your monthly payment and sends you payment coupons. Payments may be scheduled for auto debit, or paid via check, Pay-By-Phone or credit card through MoneyGram.


Evergreen holds your monthly payments in a non-interest bearing account to pay your annual tax bill. When your taxes become due, Evergreen sends payment to the Assessor-Treasurer.


Evergreen is a licensed and bonded company with 40 years of experience in escrow and account servicing.

Simplify your annual property tax payment with Evergreen’s monthly tax payment plan. Enrolling is easy.

Contact the County Treasurer to establish a monthly payment plan

Complete Evergreen’s Agreement for Monthly Collection Services and return along with the account setup fee and your approved County agreement

Wait to receive your payment coupons from Evergreen and begin making monthly installments

Download Evergreen’s Agreement for Monthly Collection Services here or contact us for more information. Email or call us at (253) 848-5678.

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